Importance of Upload Speeds in High-Speed Internet

Internet service providers always tend to advertise the large number as how fast their speeds are. The number however that they show users is the download speed, which is measured in Mbps and usually the larger of two numbers displayed which are defining browsing experiences. The separate upload speed offered could fluctuate from barely high-speed standard to similar than download speed when using premium Internet connection.

Talking about higher upload speeds, you will find that most applications are placing more demand on uploading bandwidth. For example playing games online is placing significant strain on a connection’s upload speed. Upload speed is representing data amounts to be sent in a second. It has an impact on ordinary tasks such as mail sending. When a user wants to download an item on a web page or a web page itself, a request is sent from the computer to download. It is only a small amount of necessary bandwidth required for web browsing and this cause providers to sell their services with the upload speeds only a fraction of download speeds.

The constant two-way communication required with Massive Multiplayer Gaming Online such as users playing on sites such as, require a constant two-way communication in updating your pc. When you do voice over IP it demands no less than 64Kbps of both download and upload bandwidth. When using shared upload speeds you must realize that it is upload intensive and when multiple users are on the same network it could present larger issues.

For example one person doing one VoIP call and another playing online games on Bets10, would in all probability cause gaming to lag with too small upload bandwidth available. The problem users are facing is that upload speeds account for a small amount of Internet traffic and while higher data rates could be too costly, going too low is probably going to cause problems. You have a load of free tools online to test speeds and the rough estimate is that you should have a four-to-one ratio for normal use.