Dexter Broadband, a Lisfan Network Company, acquires Dexter Wireless and Jabr Communications, launches upgraded wireless Internet service

ST. LOUIS, MO – August 2002 – Dexter Broadband, a Lisfan Network company, announced the acquisition of Dexter Wireless and Jabr Communications. Dexter Broadband is wireless Internet service for home and business with speeds starting at 256K, approximately seven times faster than a 56k dial-up connection.

Dexter Broadband improves service to Internet customers of Dexter, MO and surrounding areas with updated office facilities, upgraded tower equipment, and additional mini towers. The result is double or even triple the power to existing signals, which are able to provide high speed Internet to Malden, Bernie, Essex, Dudley, Bloomfield and other cities as far as 15 miles away.

“We created Dexter Broadband to bring high speed Internet to rural users unable to get other solutions such as DSL or cable Internet. Already the Dexter, MO area has more than 50 people signed up,” said Dan O’Sullivan, president of Lisfan Network. “Dexter Broadband brings the reliability and dependability of Lisfan Network to this new service area.”

Wireless Internet works through a tower and transmitter much like FM radio. A user mounts an antenna at their computer and points it at the tower. The tower then transmits the Internet signal to the antennae. A Dexter Broadband technician performs installation. A company representative comes to the client’s location and runs a test to ensure the wireless signal is strong and reliable in that area. A technician then installs the client-site antennae, the access point, and up to 500 feet of cable. The setup fee is based on contract term and location.

The Dexter Broadband office is located in Dexter at 127 Locust Street. For additional information about Dexter Broadband wireless Internet service call 573-624-8654 or toll free 888-999-7540.

Dexter Broadband, a wireless Internet service, was created by Lisfan Network to bring high speed Internet to rural areas unable to get solutions such as DSL or Cable Internet. Dexter Broadband brings the reliability and dependability of Lisfan Network to selected Missouri areas such as Dexter, Park Hills, Fredericktown, and Ste. Genevieve, and to selected Western Illinois areas.

Dexter Broadband’s parent company, Lisfan Network, is one of the fastest growing Internet Service Providers in the region serving some 18,000 dial-up accounts and some 1,000 dedicated business customers. Lisfan provides high-speed Internet access over DSL, ISDN, Frame Relay, T-1, DS-3 and now Wireless Internet to businesses and homes in Missouri and Illinois. The firm’s state-of-the-art Cisco network includes physically separate and redundant fiber connections to the Internet backbone, thus providing speed and unparalleled reliability to their customers. The firm also provides website hosting and server co-location services.